I have always had a fascination with everything that happens from the visualization of a photography to the final printed image. When I was young, my parents allowed me to use a Kodak Brownie to take pictures of My World. At that time, the pictures ran the gamut of the kids in the neighborhood to my GI Joe. I soon realized I had an eye for photography when my older sister asked who those older kids were in my pictures. They were my GI Joes, posed for the camera.

This love of capturing my world increased when I saved my money to buy my first SLR, a Canon Ftb. I learned the back half of the process - the magic that happens in the darkroom.

Through the years, I used different film formats, from 35mm, to 6x6, to 4x5. Each format has it's own unique useful properties. And of course, digital has now entered into My World.

I now take a variety of photographs. Flora and fauna are always a favorite subject. There are places I revisit in My World. I find every time there is something new to see.

I don't get many opportunities to produce work in the traditional darkroom, but if you are interested in a Silver Gelatin print of my black and white work, contact me. I have also learned to apply altering techniques to my digital work to produce art. These are available on traditional photo papers, as well as watercolor papers for a different look. If you are interested in the watercolor paper prints, contact me.